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Have you been looking for a forex system that can make anywhere from 30-100 pips per trade? Have you wished that you can trade forex full time, but have trouble because you do not have something that works? Well guess what? Be prepared because your search ends today! Not only is this fantastic forex system profitable, its so easy, that even a baby can do it! And guess what else? We offer it to you today for pocket money!




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Next Dimension Forex System is a system for the ages! When you start using this profitable system you will truly experience a new dimension of forex trading. It has just about all the confirmation you need to scalp AND long term trade. With most systems, longer time frames tend to do better. With this system, its AMAZINGLY profitable even on the M1, M5, M15 time frames. You can safely scalp anywhere from 2-10 or more pips on the M1 and M5. With Mid to Long Term trades you can make up to 200 pips per trade! With all the combination of these specially set indicators, you are bound to make high profits. Next Dimension Forex System may very well be the forex system you have been dreaming of. I know you are looking for a forex system that actually makes profits, well that time is NOW! If you don't believe it, try and see for yourself. Your Trading will change today!!


Now lets get to the details...


     Your chart

Basically, this is a view of your chart when you add all the indicators. Each and every thing you see in your chart is a confirmation! Yes. You want a safe signal, well you cannot get any safer than this. It has been known that you should trade with the trend. But do they ever tell you which trend? Trend of which indicator?!,  trend of which time frame?! This system will tell you the trend of other time frames as well. This is what you will see.


Setup A

Another fantastic setup you can use. This time its with the ADX and CCI triggers. This indicator not only shows up and down trends but it also shows the strength of the up and down trends. As you can see it will show UPHILL, DOWNHILL, WEAKER, RANGING. This way you can even filter trades based on the strength.                                


     Buy/Sell Zones

With the shape tool within MT4, you can highlight the Buy/Sell zone effectivly. You can use the belt of signals to measure the distance and plot them on the chart with the color accordingly. This is of course optional.



Audio Alert Included




What time frames can I use with Elastic Trader?      

Answer:  Anytime frame.


Which currency pairs can I use?    

Answer:  You can use any currency pairs although it is suggested to stick with the main currency pairs only. 


I am a scalper, would this system be good for it?    

Answer:  YES! In fact, its really good for scalping. You can do a lot of it and it will be profitable.


I might need help setting up, can you help me?    

Answer:  YES! We would be more than willing to help you get it installed. Although it is extremely easy and only requires 1 click to have it all installed on all MT4 platforms on your PC, we will help you.






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Great forex system guys!...

Gavin and the Element Forex team are the nicest people I have met. They offer so much useful information in their newsletters and it has made me a better trader. This system was exactly what I was looking for

--Ross Kows USA

Very easy to make profits

Its a good system. I love the fact that you can use it on any time frame and it is just as effective. Would recommend to scalper for sure.

-- Wesley Icafee, South Africa

Indicators are very accurate!..

Since I began forex I have been struggling to find indicators that don't lag. When I found Element Forex, I first subscribed to their daily news letters. I found Gavin to be a great person and very helpful to me. I decided to make this purchase because they built my trust. I am very satisfied.

-- Dorris Paux , Canada


For this price, it is a steal for what you get!...

I paid a good amount of money for indicators but this purchase actually made it worth my while. While I get amazing support from element forex, I also make good profits in my trading. Thanks

-- Michael Dante,  USA




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  With our software, you don't have to manually drag and drop files into folders..

         Within 1 click, ElementFX installs on all the MT4 Platforms and brokers on your PC!!



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Next Dimension Forex System POWERFUL ACCURATE NO REPAINT Package for MT4



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