Instant Trendline

Identifies Sell Or Buy Triggers.



Installation: Open your MT4, scroll up to File>Open Data Folder>MQL4>Indicators and paste the EX4 file(s) there. Restart MT4.


How It Works

The instant Trendline is a great indicator to determine the actual triggers of your trade. Similar to the traditional Moving Average, this indicator will outline the current trend of the market. If the blue line is in a downward direction, the market is bearish which mean, you should be looking for Sell opportunities only. For traders who wish to play "Safe", trading with the trend is a good idea. The red line is the one you need to look at for actually entering your trade. Now the red line does not follow the market pattern as close as the blue but the entry is what it will help you with. If you see that the current market is in a downward direction, you should wait for the market to cross the redline going DOWN and enter at the cross. It will be difficult to understand by just words so you will need to see the picture below. The best time frames to use this are the H1 and H4. This concept will work with any pair.



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