At Element Forex, we closely test the efficency of forex systems and make sure they work as they claim. We want to make sure that our subscribers are exposed to the most reliable forex systems only. Forex beginners must know which systems are right for their individual trading style.


When analysing forex systems we take the following into consideration...

  1. Consistancy
  2. Laggging rate
  3. Risk/Reward
  4. Profit return per trade
  5. Drawdown
  6. Session importance

Remember that when choosing a forex system, always look for the above and be sure to focus well on them when choosing a system or robot.


Based on our research, statistics prove that these are the most reliable forex systems available

#1 Winner  FX-Agency Advisor 2

First Place WinnerThe FX-Agency Advisor 2    Most Recommended


Based on our statisics and testing, the top performing forex system is the FX-Agency Advisor 2 by FXATRADE.COM. Delivering up to 1000 pips per trade on certain occassions, this system showed to be very profitable. It gives 2 signals, a buy and a sell entry which is generated by a special price action algorythm. It showed high rewards with very minimal risk. It adjusted perfectly to all market sessions and was just as efficient. It also had a very good consistancy rate when using higher time frames such as H4 and D1. It proved to be a leading indicator because of its price action algorythm. Given its higher price than your avergage system, FX-Agency Advisor 2 is well worth the investment if you plan to trade professionally. Its engineering and interface is smooth and gives you a professional and high end feel. Customer support was also kind, polite and prompt. 






Second Place:  Dream Signals 3   


Dream Signals 3 proved to be a great profitable system for newbies. Although the indicators look basic, they are actualy fairly profitable. It has no lagging and has great confirmation tools. For about 150 bucks, this system actually does what it claims. On a single trade, it made an average of 20 pips, but it goes as high as 150 pips per trade, depending on the time frame. Templates are easy to setup and it is quite simple to understand. To enter a trade, you are looking for change in colors and messages. Its simple and effective for any style of trader. It proved to be a geat scalper as well as long term trader. Makes a great forex system.
Third Place:  Scion Forex Autotrader


Website: http://

The best forex robot we have ever tested and used. Scion Forex, who were originally a signal service have not upgraded their service to "account management". This EA will fully manage your trading account and has protection mechanisms and many excellent featrures. For a tiny fee, you can let a 100% automated system manage and build your account.


Fourth Place: Stealth Forex System   


These guys use good setups. They give safe signals and easy to follow. Martin, one of the owners is a great guy and also provides good support. A good system for the value and after our research, we suggest it. It fits any trading style.

Fourth Place: Scion Signaller   


Scion Signaller is a signal app produced by Scion Forex. They have a unique interface with desktop notification signals. We found them to be the best signal service available. The website looks professional, support is great and signals are accurate. Performance can be tracked at all times and they are honest and willing to help traders. They have a chatroom, forum and more. For anyone who wants a signal ervice to do ALL the work for them, our suggestion to you would be Scion Forex.

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